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There are worse things that can happen to a man than getting kicked in the balls. How to finger a girl the first time. Best Creator Cameos March 2, 2: Enter your password Forgot your password? Such important parts of your anatomy, and you have to tie them up in a little purse before you can even pretend to fight. Kick in the balls cartoon. Last Angry Geek on Channel Awesome Support Last Angry Geek on Patreon Subscribe to Last Angry Geek on YouTube.

It works on so many levels! It had felt like she kicked his balls up into his throat — his face slowly turned blue as he clutched his missing boyhood in both hands and dropped to the floor and collapsed forward — all the while making the sounds of a injured animal. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Myanmar new videos. I make no apologies. January 29, at 9: Here, Yoshiyuki Yoshida, after catching one from Dan Hardy, is quickly carted off on a stretcher. His feelings are his problem.

Being a lucky guy, I've only been kicked in the balls once. In addition to some of the overarching humor theories, there are a couple added reasons we might find this to be a particularly humorous type of pain.

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Upon impact, the spermatic plexus, a major nerve running through the testicles, carries the pain upward to the abdominal cavity, which is why victims of groin kicks often double over and assume a fetal position.

Well, it was funnier than a monologue by Chelsea Handler, but not quite as hilarious as my last screening for colorectal cancer. Swimsuit fetish tgp. Her face went right red — at least he thought it might have; it was a bit hard to tell with that clown makeup on and all — her fists balled, her face twisted, eyes flashed, she let out a shriek so piercing that Knell had to put his hands over his ears while she charged right at him and her foot shot out between his legs. Cartoon animals aren't human.

Add that to the theories already at play with physical humor—benign violations, mistaken commitments, aggression, emotional arousal—and you have a pretty hilarious situation on your hands. But it would be a great thing to happen in countering an assault. Kick in the balls cartoon. Because they're not real to us, we don't care that they get hurt, a notion that's reinforced when they bounce back, as fit as ever, from deadly situations like falling off cliffs or being flattened by cars.

Skip to main content. If you have a choice, you want to go for the testicles. Honestly, there's almost no bad way to kick an attacker in the balls.

Let's learn how to do it. Bdsm slave master. Rated T for some minor assault and minor swears. In other totally unrelated news; the Indiana boys choir won nationals this year! January 30, at 7:

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WEBSITE HELP Help How to upload Payment questions Recover your account. A direct hit there is every bit as devastating as the MMA rules would lead you to believe. It's pretty much because of Walt Disney," says the Austin-based pioneer of online geek culture. After you do this, you will be able to always log in to http: He doesn't even stand up until well past the four-minute mark. This strikes me as oddly dainty for a sport that allows you to legally knee your opponent in the face.

And if the unthinkable does happen? And then there's Item vii: A good kick to the balls doesn't just hurt the balls. Kick in the balls cartoon. January 31, at If you happen to know any MMA fighters, your risk may be even higher, because the sport, notwithstanding its queasiness about groin shots, has seen some horrific cases of domestic abuse. DAZ Studio, GIMP, Final Cut Pro X Music and Sound Effects:

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